3 simple steps to tackle Coronavirus

We kill 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria.

Step 1

Prior to fumigation services taking place, an intensive hand wipe cleaning process is carried out on all frequently touched surfaces using a High– Grade Germicidal Disenfectant.

What we offer:

. Washrooms & Toilets
. Schools & Colleges
. Care Homes & Clinics
. Office & Medical Space Cleaning
. Sanitisers & Disinfectants
. UV Light Disinfection

Step 2

Eliminate surface and airborne viruses using misting and fogging technology with bleach-free disinfectants.

Step 3

All contaminated Waste is disposed of legally and safely providing total peace of mind.

Specialised Team

All staff are fully CPD trained certified Hygiene & Disinfection Technicians and are proficient in operating our specialised Atomising Fogging & Misting systems.

Dedicated Manager

Our dedicated managers can discuss your requirements in detail and formulate a plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

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Decontamination, Fumigation and Disinfection Specialists

We kill 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria.

100% Safe

ALL CLEAR uses industry leading technology and equipment to deliver the correct amount of vaporised disinfectant in the form of a fog or mist which actively targets airborne microorganisms. After a couple of hours, the vapour then settles acting as a surface disinfectant, completing the 100% safe process.

Decontamination & Disinfection Services

Our two-step process provides the highest level of protection for your business. Firstly, all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, work surfaces and handrails are decontaminated by manual cleaning using our High-Grade Germicidal Disinfectants.Secondly, the whole space is disinfected using misting and fogging technology resulting in the highest standard of hygiene upon completion.

Deep Cleaning

We only use detergents that are certified to European Approved BS EN 1276 standards, as used by the NHS. This standard ensures that 99.9% of influenza type viruses are killed within 5 minutes and 60 minutes for more resistant bacteria’s such as E.coli.

Fumigation Services

Businesses need a detailed cleaning and disinfecting program to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. ALL CLEAR use Ultra Low Volume Fogging processes (ULV) as a misting and disinfecting process that ensures the whole of your premises are disinfected for total peace of mind. For maximum effectiveness ULV Fogging is recommended AFTER ALL CLEAR have decontaminated all the most frequently touched surfaces (door handles, work surfaces etc) that have been manually cleaned, to provide further eradicating any hidden spores.

Regular Service Contracts

We offer a service that is right for your business needs. Operating outside of normal working hours, our specialist teams can provide preventative or responsive deep cleans, regular cleans, decontamination, disinfection and fumigation services. Your dedicated Account Manager will create the perfect package for you. ALL CLEAR operate outside of normal working hours and weekends to suit your requirements.

Contaminated Waste Disposal

ALL CLEAR carefully pack all biological contaminated waste created in the decontamination and disinfection process, remove it from site and send it to a licensed incineration centre who process the waste safely and legally following the Environment Agency guidelines, providing further peace of mind.

Bleach Free

All our antiviral disinfectants are bleach free, but utilise “Bleach Like” formulations alongside other chlorides, peroxides and ammonium based ingredients, which kill 99.9% of viruses as Hypochlorite Bleaches do, whilst being completely safe to use on all surfaces and fabrics at the same time.